(5) Flood legends

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FLOOD-FAQ from 03Sep90 SCIENCE message by Philip Brown (1:396/28)--
>PB> Some people have expressed interest in what different people have what kind of legends concerning floods. Here are samples from six continents and the islands of the sea; hundreds of such legends are known.
NOTE: Letters in columns show applicability. [Tabulation added:]
D = Destruction by Water. [Deluge] [35 out of 35]
1 G = Divine Cause. [18 out of 35]
2 W = Warning Given. [17 out of 35]
3 H = Humans Spared. [35 out of 35]
4 A = Animals Spared. [24 out of 35]
5 V = Preserved in a Vessel. [32 out of 35]
D..HAV01 Australia- Kurnai
D.WHAV02 Babylon- Berossus' account
DGWHAV03 Babylon- Gilgamesh epic
DGWH.V04 Bolivia- Chiriguano
D..HAV05 Borneo- Sea Dayak
D..HAV06 Burma- Singpho
DG.HAV07 Canada- Cree
DGWHAV08 Canada- Montagnais
DG.HAV09 China- Lolo
D.WHAV10 Cuba- original natives
DGWHAV11 East Africa- Masai
DGWH.V12 Egypt- Book of the Dead
DG.H.V13 Fiji- Walavu-levu tradition
DGWHA.14 French Polynesia- Raiatea
D..HAV15 Greece- Lucian's account
DG.HAV16 Guyana- Macushi
DG.H.V17 Iceland- Eddas
DG.H.V18 India- Andaman Islands
D.WHAV19 India- Bhil
DGWH.V20 India-Kamar
D.WHA.21 Iran- Zend-Avesta
DG.H.V22 Italy- Ovid's poetry
DG.H.V23 Malay Peninsula- Jekun
D.WH.V24 Mexico- Codex Chimalpopoca
D.WHAV25 Mexico- Huichol
DG.H.V26 New Zealand- Maori
D.WHA.27 Peru- Indians of Huarochiri
D.WH.V28 X . Russia- Vogul
D.WHAV29 U.S.A. (Alaska)- Kolusches
DG.HAV30 U.S.A. (Alaska)- Tlingit
D.WHAV31 U.S.A. (Arizona)- Papago
DG.HAV32 U.S.A. (Hawaii)- legend of Nu-u
D..HAV33 Vanualu- Melanesians
D..HAV34 Vietnam- Bahnar
D..HAV35 Wales- Dwyfan/Dwyfan legend
351817352432 <== totals


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